Not bad

If you're standing on a freezing bus stop in need of some heat, then you could always warm your cockles with a mobile phone theme.

This one is perfect because it recreates a roaring log fire on your Windows Mobile Smartphone.

The theme adorns your Today screen with a series of flames licking up from the bottom of the screen in front of a black background. The flames are very realistic and certainly add a warm glow to your phone.

Besides this background image the theme also alters the menus and toolbars within the Windows Mobile OS. When you launch the Start menu a new background is displayed behind your program icons, consisting of a series of red stripes fading across a white backdrop.

I guess it's quite stylish, but the gradient is a little crude and, for me, the jump from white to red is a little crude.

Nevertheless, this theme provides a nice way of warming up your mobile.

Flames Theme for Smartphone transforms the look of your Windows Mobile operating system shell with a series of licking flames. Besides adding a firey image to the background of your Today screen, this theme also changes the appearance of the menus and toolbars in the Windows Mobile OS.

Flames Theme


Flames Theme

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